Marfy Madness


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! The annual Marfy 2009 mag I ordered showed up way quicker than expected. I just picked it up from the post office and am literally giddy with excitement. Having one in your hands also explains why shipping is so much. The book is 13 1/4 by 9 1/2 and weighs over 2 pounds. No wonder the fashion illustrations look so leggy on the website.

A quick explanation - Marfy is an Italian sewing magazine which has illustrations of garments with a few patterns insert in the back. The rest you have to buy separately. There are no sewing instructions, so to recreate the garment one must reference the illustrations. A few months ago I ordered this Marfy jacket pattern just to see if my sewing skills were up to the challenge.
The muslin went together beautifully and now is waiting for just the right fabric.

Today's knitting FO is Brooklyn Tweed's Porom. Mine is knit from two skeins of Simply Shetland Lambswool & Cashmere in Red Hot
The cashmere does not soften Jamieson's Shetland all that much, but who can beat their tweedy colors. As with all Jarad's patterns it was very simple to knit and created a lovely FO. Can't wait till August when his new pattern book comes out!

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