The Feather Print Dress


So about a year ago I was trolling the nets for fabric for some unknown reason. I wasn't sewing at the time, maybe it was a slow day at work, who knows. My search engine took me to a site I'd never seen before, There among the cotton wovens lurked the most intriguing cotton print I'd ever seen.
Large black feather outlines overlapped each other like scales on a pure white background. It was modern yet had a hint old time Hollywood starlet. And it was 58" wide! Knowing I'd be a fool to let this fabric get away 2 yards were immediately ordered.

The fabric was then tucked away waiting for a day when I wouldn't inadvertently turn it into a wadder and have to commit hari kari on my Gingers.
Fast forward about a month ago when I'm compulsively filling in my missing Burda World of Fashion issues. There in May 2009 dress number 117 seemed to be just the thing for this fabric. But I cooled my heels until Audrey made this dress and looked fantastic in it. She also posted a ton of extra directions on how to sew kimono sleeves which was very helpful.

So I give you my version of dress 117 from May 2009 Burda World of Fashion.
feather dress 3

Close up of cross over front
Feather dress top

Close up of skirt side slits
feather dress bottom

Oh how I love you feather print dress, now lets fly away.


  1. Oh my gosh that's so pretty. What an adorable pattern and the fabric is great.

  2. It is beautiful! p.s. I love the way you write and enjoy your blog!

  3. Very, very pretty. Emma one Sock does have the most gorgeous fabrics...

  4. It is beautiful! p.s. I love the way you write and enjoy your blog!
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