A Trio of Tees


After such a labor intensive project as Butterick 5814, it's no surprise that I decided to return to the gigantic knit stash for a quick fix.  To make things really easy I pulled out my favorite TNT pattern, Sewaholic's Renfrew.  This is the V-neck long sleeve view, made up in a very nondrapy rayon knit. 
Kind of nautical right, so the Lobster makes total sense. Just nod politely.

But Renfrews are like potato chips, you can't make just one so I dug deeper into the stash and found this awesome rayon tweedy knit. It just screamed cowl neck Renfrew. 
Knit with white and black threads for gray tweedy goodness!
There wasn't quite enough fabric to do the cowl as drafted by Tasia so I drafted a smaller on hat folded over. The width is the same but it's about 12" high and folds over to 6".  Why that high, cause that's how much fabric I had.
RTW told me to do this and it works just peachy.

Still looks super cute. This rayon had some drape to it which worked well with the cowl.
I love gray, what does that say about me?
Lastly I decided to jump on the dolmen sleeve bandwagon and knock off a RTW shirt I'd bought, traced and returned.  The RTW shirt had very deep hems, about 3" or so but I found that a total sewing nightmare on the temperamental coverstitch machine.   Changed the hems to 1" and that made the hem and sleeves go much faster.  The neck is finished with a self binding, also attached with the coverstitch machine.  While I like that type of finish it's a pain in the ass to do.  In fact this last shirt reminded me why Renfrew is such a great pattern, you don't have to worry about coverstitching!!!!
I'm a fashionable criminal.
Not totally sure that dolmen sleeves are a great look on me, but it's comfortable and layers with cardigans just fine.

I've worn all 3 shirts multiple times already and as a bonus they were all from stash.  Feels great to bust out 3 garments in a weekend. What a pretty set of triplets they make.
You don't want to know how much more gray fabric is in my stash.


  1. How much gray fabric do you have in your stash? You told me I don't want to know...so now I really want to know!

    Lovely tees. You're being productive for my sake, aren't you. You're such a good sewcialist.

    1. I probably have 5-6 solid gray jerseys, then gray prints, then strips that also have gray in them. The most of the rest of the stash is black. Maybe I should buy for colors.

  2. All very nice! Its great to have things you can wear every day... :)

    1. Actually had a big hole in the long sleeve T-shirt department so it also necessary. :)

  3. You are awesome. So are your tshirts and your lobster puppet!

    1. Larry the lobster thanks you. He thinks he's pretty cool especially when you squeeze him and he goes blub blub. hee hee hee

  4. Nice tops. You really motivate--I'm still not sewing for myself, but I'm motivated. Ha Ha Ha!!

    1. Thanks! Honestly I tend to get a bunch of stuff done at once and then produce nothing for weeks. :)


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