Sewing Iceing or maybe Fur-osting - Burda Style 7131


Usually I'd say any kind of coat sewing is a "cake" project.  But a faux fur, kimono shortie?  That's Fur-osting. Not sure what possessed me, other than really liking the picture on the pattern envelope. I even bought the pants pattern the model is wearing with this jacket.  Maybe I just want to be this model.
I'm oh so fab in my fur shortie and mustard pants. Don't even bother looking at that blond.

Well the plus side of making this Fur-osting project was that was super simple.  No fitting needed, has about 5 seams and, if you follow the instructions, has no lining.  I put a lining in it because All Coats Must Be Lined. Who wants to stare at faux fur backing anyway.
Burda 7131 Flat detail
Faux Fur - Gorgeous fabrics (now sold out), Lining - Emmaonesock, 1 1/4 snaps - Marcy Tilton

It was easy to make a lining using the body pattern pieces just check out Jen's easy peasy tutorial. Since this was a kimono sleeve I added 1/4" extra ease to the side seam area and 1/4" to where the cuffs would be sewn in.  Also added the back pleat like the tutorial instructs.
Burda 7131 Lining CB

The lining was inserted before sewing the faux fur cuffs on so that I could get a clean finish on the inside.  I sewed one side of cuff to the self fabric, then hand sewed the other slide to the lining.  I also hand sewed the lining to the hem.
Burda 7131 Lining and Cuff

The closure is also simple, two giant snaps.
Burda 7131 Snaps

On to the modeled pics.... me just chilling in the back yard.
Burda 7131 Front

You want to see those kimono sleeves?  Here you go...
Burda 7131 Front 2

And finally only cause it's almost model fabulous...
Burda 7131 Front 3
That's enough Fur-osting, time to go sew some cake.


  1. This is so awesome. I have no words. No, I have lots of words. I. MUST. HAVE. ONE. I would never have gotten this pattern based on the Burda envelope, but this is totally adorable (in a good way!) on you.

    1. Thanks! Do you think if I put that jacket in a dark closet to would spawn more? Then you could have one without sewing!

  2. I love your fur-osting! Love it.

  3. This is gorgeous jacket. Love your fabric choice.

    1. Thanks Linda, Gorgeous fabrics actually had this pattern in their suggest area for the fabric so I should give Ann some props.


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