Hot Town, Summer in the City - Sundresses for the Modern Girl


Hello lovey sew-a-long participants! I'm completely thrilled you've caught a case of sundress fever. You know that there's only one prescription for sundress fever and that's more sundresses.  So let's get those creative juices flowing by taking a look at some of the great pattern options out there.

Due to the number of sundress patterns that caught my eye, I've decided to break them up into two posts. Today I'll be tempting you with my favorite sundress patterns with a modern feel. The second pattern post will be vintage inspired/reissue patterns.  You don't have to sew one of these patterns to participate in the sew-a-long. I just like window shopping for patterns and wanted to talk about my favorites.  So let's take a look at my top sundress picks for "summer in the city."

1. Sewaholic Saltspring - Sweet and simple in the best way.  It's the kind of pattern that makes you feel cooler just looking at it. Maxi hem option so you can be a sunshine princess in your own backyard.

2. McCall's 6740 - This pattern has a lot of things going on and I like it. High/low hem, godets, and bustier look with a button front. You vixen, you!

3. PaperCut Patterns Midsummer Night Dream Dress - So chic and sexy. Love the wrap over bodice with waist tie. It's ballet chic to a tee.

4. Simplicity 1607 - OMG Cynthia, those straps are rocking my world.  I'm getting a strapy sundress warrior princess vibe! Bonus point for a stylish drop waist, which is something I rarely say.

5. Deer and  Doe Centauree Dress - I like seamed bodices and I can not lie. Especially ones that use rouleau straps to create some back interest.  Love to see this sewn up in a bright and colorful fabric.

6. Vogue 9001 - A classic maxi dress shape, but with the added pizzazz of some interesting bodice seaming. Could do some fun things with color blocking or bold prints.

7. Pattern Runway Gathered Sundress - Some great design details on this pattern, princess line bodice, waist definition and pockets precious, pockets. I love how cute this looks on the model with sneakers and a hat.  Would look equally good dressed up with some wedges and some jewelry.

8. Sewaholic Lonsdale - Even though there's a Sewaholic pattern already in the list, I couldn't leave Lonsdale. It's such a classy sundress and that twist halterish neckline wins me every time
That's all from the city of sundresses. I'll see you guys in a couple of days with vintage suggestions for all your picnicking needs. Till then enjoy the Loven' Spoonfulls telling us how to beat the summer heat.


  1. ooh I missed this - but I'm sewing sundresses so I'm in! Sleeveless lady skater is currently my weapon of choice. So many great choices around though - these all look great

  2. I only announced the sew-a-long on Monday, so don't worry. Sleeveless Lady Skaters sound perfect!

  3. I have a feeling this may become a multiple sundress making summer for me :-) Thanks for the inspiration

  4. Froggie says he is writing all this down. Then we will make a scale drawing of drop waist to rump ratios. :)

  5. Excellent /\. Sounds like my evil sundress plans are working. LOL. Can't wait to see what you sew up Cheryl.

  6. I am doing a Saltspring! I have been searching for the fabric I wanted for MONTHS and finally found it this past weekend. And I have the Cynthia Rowley in my stack. I thought about the Lonsdale but then smacked myself because I have so many indie patterns I need to use before buying more. (We shall see how long THAT lasts!) ... And that Vogue 9001! I LURV it... have never noticed it before!


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