Summer Breeze makes me feel fine - Sundresses for Retro Chicks


Hello Sew-a-long sisters, I'm back with my vintage inspired sundress picks.  You know I like a good retro inspired pattern even if I'm just a vintage dressing poser. Have a seat on the patio and and I'll get you a glass of long island iced tea, while we discuss the merits of princess line seams and halter straps. Then we can break out the red lipstick and decide how many shades a girl really needs.

1. Colette Lily - Some how elegant without being over the top fancy. It might be my favorite sheath style sundress.  Contrast bodice and pocket details, yes, yes, yes!

2. Butterick 6019 - Vaaaavooom! Sexy tiki dress, need I say more? "You know, it's dangerous for you to be in the frozen food section. Because you could melt all this stuff."

3. BlueGingerDoll Billie Jean - The perfect dress for picnics in the park.  I'm picturing one sewn up in some floaty cotton lawn for those hot summer days.

4. Vogue 8812 - Sure you could go to the beach party in shorts and a tee shirt, or you could go in STYLE! The gathered bust area paired with tiny spaghetti straps is fabulous.  Quick, someone find me some red plaid fabric, stat!

5. By Hand London Flora Flora's tank bodice option screams sundress to me.  Sewn up in some bright cotton it would be a cute dress for strolling around town.

6. Simplicity 1353 - Oh how I love you view A.  The full skirt with the sweetheart neckline just knocks my socks off.

7. Vogue 8789 What this old thing? I just wear it to do some heavy gardening. ;) Jokes aside, the possibilities of a bias bodice intrigues me. Such fun things you could do with a linear print motif.

8. Colette Hazel - I want to insert that old cover girl tag line, "Easy, breezy, beautiful..." cause that description fits Hazel to a tee. The perfect pattern for seersucker or gingham fabric.
On Monday I'll be doing a link round up of sewing techniques that may be helpful when sewing your sundresses. Till then why don't we have another refreshing drink and chill out to the mellow sounds of Seals and Croft. Summer breezes do make me feel fine.


  1. I made Vogue 8789 last year to wear to a friend's wedding. It does look really cute in stripes or plaid. Here is the link to my blog post for it:

  2. Wow! I love the colors in the plaid you chose. Thanks for linking me to your dress. :)

  3. Oh snap, I'm cutting out a Hazel today! I've also had the Lily dress pattern for a long time and not made it... I think I know what I'm making for the sewalong!

  4. Love Vogue 8789. I have it, but it hasn't been sewn up yet. So many patterns, so little time!! ;-)

  5. We need more time Maris!!!! I've got a bunch of old patterns that need sewing up too.

  6. We need to start taking a pill to supply all our nutritional needs (eliminate grocery shopping + meal prep + cleanup), hire a full-time housekeeper + gardener who are willing to work in exchange for custom clothing, and send the kids + husband on an extended vacay. Like 10-15 years should do it. ;-)

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