My Sundress Sew-a-long plans


Confession time - I've had a really hard time deciding what pattern to choose for my own sew-a-long.  Doesn't that count as an internet party foul or something? Confession to the confession, I did know what I wanted to sew, but had neither the pattern or the fabric.  It was a Colette Hazel out of this fabric from Miss Matatabi. Warning: this fabric store is extremely dangerous. Don't click if you have weakness for Japanese fabric, least you spend all your grocery money on double gauze. I don't want any emails from husbands complaining about having to eat cold beans out of a can for a week.
OMG those bears. Look at him hug that fish right before he rips it's head off.
But we're supposed to be stash busting around these parts, so I had to give myself a stern talking too.  "Listen here Heather, there are plenty of fabric and patterns in this house. Pick one of them and deal."  Ok then "wet blanket but ultimately wise Heather", guess I'll pull out the Cambie pattern.
Oh hello there. A little late to the party aren't we?
Ahh yes the Cambie pattern which I erroneously left off the pattern inspiration posts. Bad blogger, no cookie. However I did put it on my summer sewing post, paired with this fabric.
I'm a little concerned about what that guy is doing to a sheep over on the top left.
A straight up Cambie with no design changes still sounds good buuuuuut...... I might have fallen in love with the bodice of this modcloth dress.
Don't you want me baby? Don't you want me Whoaaaa ooo?
Mmmmm sweet heart neckline/princess line bodice with straps, you complete me.  I wouldn't mind knocking off the whole dress actually.  There's just that pesky measurement imbalance between my front and back waist circumference that makes even pleats + properly fitting bodice impossible. A circle skirt might work just as well for my purposes.

Well, I'd better make my style decisions and get going because there are already finished sundresses in the sew-a-long group. You guys have been busy little bees. :)

MMI Blogs used the Pendrell blouse pattern as a base to draft a sundress. Here she is keeping cool while watching the world cup. More info on it on her Kollabora page.
Cher Sews whipped up a sleeveless Lady Skater in the most summery stripe combo possible. She might be convincing me that orange is a neutral. More info over on her blog.
Lady Skater

Great dresses ladies! Thanks for sewing along with me. :)


  1. Bears of cuteness! I have the Cambie pulled out too! Yours will look fabulous with the red :)

  2. Thanks for including me Heather! I am really looking forward to your Cambie...I've been a hold out as well. My first attempt was too big and given to my SIL and I haven't been able to try again yet.

  3. Since I just made myself a Cambie (I'm barely ahead of you there), I decided to use a different pattern for my sundress. But I do have fabric picked for my second one. Too many patterns (not to mention fabric), too little time...

  4. Haha! I'm in! I'mthinking that the jeep are being used like lasercats- just innocent violence, no harm to their psyche!
    my sundress is very close to a weekend reveal!

  5. The bears, they want to come home with me. I might have to pick them up next month. Till then it's a Cambie sewing party.

  6. No problem Cheryl. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only Cambie hold out. I'd better try and get to it this summer.

  7. Oh my lord, it's crazy how the sewing list piles up even when you have a decent amount of sewing time. You cambie reminded me that I wanted to try the pattern. It wasn't one I'd gotten around to buying until last month. :)

  8. Muhaa haa, you got through the defenses with your lasercat. Phew, phew, phew. Can't wait to see your sundress.

  9. I'm very excited to see the finished article! I am currently recovering from a disastrous second toile of my belladonne but will get back on it after a nice holiday...

  10. Drat! Disastrous toiles are a pain in the butt. You do need a nice vacation to refresh yourself.

  11. Oooooo! Nice choice!! As always ;)


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