Beware the sock yarn stash


Beware, because the stash knows what you’re thinking!

My theory is the little virtual stash on Ravelry tells the real stash what Ravelry topics you’ve been posting to. Stash has to keep together you know. But anyway it got back to the stash that I signed up for the March challenge "knit down the sock stash". The stash couldn't let this happen so it promptly gave me the largest case of sock yarn lust I’ve had in a long time. Probably since that fall night when my husband mistakenly left me alone in the house, slightly depressed and with full internet access. (It wasn’t his fault, he had a work meeting and I would have bought yarn anyway)

It all started out so innocently, I was just checking to see what colors of Hazel knits were in stock on her etsy shop and on Woolgirl. Hazel knits is a sock necessity and I only buy a skein at a time, it’s completely under control. (I’m sure crack addicts say the same thing) I strayed around each site a bit and all of a sudden there were dozens of pretty little skeins parading in front of me saying, “Take me home, you’ll regret it if you don’t.” Woolgirl even had a color way called Froggy feet which I wanted desperately just for the name. But my lovely Woolgirl gift certificate was at home and I was at work where my 15 mins of internet time where quickly expiring. I flipped over to SunnysideEllen's Etsy store since I have no credit there and was sorely tempted. But the last skein bought from her store is still sitting in the stash and I love it so. Shouldn't it be knit up first?

Yarn was purchased, the April kit from Yarn4socks because there was much drooling over the pattern/yarn on the Knitspot blog. Somehow this did not quell the sock yarn lust since someone might have rationalized it as a birthday gift. (Isn’t a girl allowed to give herself something nice for her April 30th birthday? I know you'll say yes.)

Speaking of nice patterns/yarns this was a combination that was a very enjoyable knit.

Pattern: Belvedere

Yarn: Collinette Jitterbug in Fire
Used a skein and part of a half skein. Loopy ewe will let you buy half skeins as well as whole ones.

Knit on bamboo 1-1/2 DPNS

Knit up for Jessica my Loopy swap partner who likes pretty colors.

This is just the perfect color to knit during the dark winter months. I’ve heard via podcasts that people have expressed displeasure about Collinette Jitterbug. I had nothing but a good experience with this yarn, the hand is velvety, there were no knots and the colors, oh the colors! Divine. I agree that their yardage is a tad scant, but that could be said about some other brands. Sheri offers half skeins of Jitterbug, which came in handy. I didn’t want to be restricted in my pattern choice, or find out that a miscalculation meant a sock and half had to be ripped out. It was a good call, the second sock needed that extra yardage to finish the foot. The lace pattern is a 32 line repeat that was impossible to totally memorize but it was still easy enough to be fun to knit. I put the chart in the back of my clear zipper pouch and propped it up on my knees for train knitting. Best train knitting ever!

(These were washed and blocked for my partner before mailing. My husband was very concerned about foot cooties)

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  1. As the recipient of these gorgeous socks, I can vouch for how fantastic they are. And tell your husband that I have no fear of foot cooties.


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