Snow Finally


The knitting muses heard my requests and finally gave me enough snow to take nice outside pictures. Believe me snow is the only thing that can make my backyard presentable. I've also started straying into corners of other peoples yards early in the morning, socks and camera in hand. It probably helps that I look extremely non-threatening with my goofy red hat.

This morning I took the rouge photo taki
ng to a new level. There is this jeep in the neighborhood with a crazy custom paint jobs that looks like trees. It must be for hunting because the bumpers are painted the florescent orange of safety jackets. It seemed like the perfect background for my spruce socks. No one questioned me as I lurked around the driverside door trying to prop my foot up high enough and not fall over into a snow drift. As you can see the picture would me better if that tree was behind more of the sock. Where is photoshop when you need it? (Do you like the little red bird?)

This sock is the third shipment from the sock club which came in December. Due to all the Christmas knitting I didn't get around to it until this month.

Pattern - Spruce Sprigs

Yarn - The unique sheep Leili sock yarn which is a blend of superwash merino and mohair. A very fine fingering weight so I knit the pattern on 1 1/2 needles. (Some of my remaining sanity must be kept intact)

Most of the second sock was knit during our bathroom renovation vacation. Never have I been more glad that I taught myself to knit. Multiple long car rides, no problem I can get a couple repeats
done. Get into a small town at 5pm and everything is closed so you spend the evening watching cable in your hotel room. You get a heel done and get to watch the Colbert Repore. Your husband would like to visit the Maryland Science Center which you've been too multiple times as a child, put yarn in your bag and walk around knitting a sock all day. The science center also gets a big thumbs up for having benches or chairs on the edges of almost every room. It's almost like the place was designed for knitters! Only one person asked me about my knitting, a Science center employee who was also a knitter. She recognized that I was knitting a sock almost immediately and asked if I was also wearing hand knit socks. I unzipped my boot and showed her the ones I had on. (ShibuiKnits swap socks) So nice to find a fellow knitter during your travels.


  1. Those socks look great! Saw them first on the Woolgirl blog and then found you on Ravelry!

  2. Thank you! I'm really enjoying the Woolgirl socks club.

  3. Another pair of great socks. And great pictures. Glad you were able to make use of the snow we got.


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