My First Shawl


Writing my first shawl makes me think of a Family guy aside. You see the Beetles, Paul, George and John tuning their instruments in a room. Ringo walks in holding up a paper and says, “Hey guys I wrote a song!” Paul takes the paper and says in a patronizing voice, “Oh good! We’ll put it up here on the fridge so we all can see it.” George and John go “Awwwwww” in unison.

I feel like this shawl is equal to Ringo’s song writing abilities, though frog points out that Octopuses garden is a fine piece of music. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed knitting the shawl; it was just so darn easy. So easy and fast I feel almost guilty about it, must be some misplaced Puritan work ethic. Be gone guilt, knitting is supposed to be fun. (Guilt says “Fine, but I’ll be back when you eat that third brownie. We both know you’ll be shoving it in you mouth by the end of this post.”)

This is a straight up copy of Brooklyn Tweed’s Shetland triangle knit in Sundara Aran Silky Merino. Some time during the summer I impulse bought the yarn for this project, but threw it in the stash for later. In the aftermath of Christmas it seemed like a good idea to buy a size 9 needle and

get a copy of Wrap Style from the library. So like I said very easy pattern, knits up quick and the yarn is buttery soft. What was interesting was that all the non-knitters loved the texture of the unblocked shawl. When I told them about the blocking process they were very disappointed that the shawl was going to be stretched flat. It got blocked anyway because I need the extra width. Not sure if anything bigger than this can be blocked in our tiny apartment though. Some how I don't think my husband would appreciate me pinning a shawl to his side of the bed and telling him to sleep on the futon.

Now excuse me I have to go shove a brownie in my mouth.

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