Expensive weekend


The work on the bathroom is supposedly done, at least done enough that we got the bill. Yikes is all I can say, though the amount was not unexpected. Good news is that our landlord is not charging us for any labor he put in and he did a lot of it.
The bathroom mats are shot and my husband asked to please please replace them. (The rugs shed all over the place + my husband does must of the vacuuming = stormy relationship between the two of them)
Then the toaster oven broke down, can't blame it since it's eight years old. Target already has provided me with a replacement but it was bit more than I guessed. Hasn't toaster technology become less expensive? I don't need to roast a whole chicken, just reheat my leftovers. :)
And to cap it all off, just finished the taxes and we have to pay the state and the feds each a Benjamin because of the interest earned on our house fund. A fund whose interest rate keeps dropping because the Feds are trying to bail out people who bo
ught houses they can't afford. Oh the irony. (Dear Federal Govermnment, I am trying to be able to afford my future house. Could you please stop taking my money so you can blow stuff up. Thank you Froggie Girl)

Haahaaa It makes me think of my sister's workplace where they blow stuff up. My sister doesn't do the exploding, instead she gets startled by it as she's working on her computer. I think actual miltary guys get to dentonate whatever it is they are blowing up. You can hear the explosions all the way over at my childhood residence; my grandmother complains about them often.

Very nice things also happened this week. I was the recipient of a lovely bit of knitterly generosity, my loopy ewe partner Jessica knit me a thank you gift. Let me say that again, she KNIT me a thank you gift. Like Wayne and Garth I bow down and say, "I'm not worthy." See a lovely Woodland stole in Dream in color smooshy. It's a great size, you can use it as a little stole, or wrap it around your neck as a delicate scarf. You can also wrap it around your head, put big sunglasses on and pretend to be a glamorous starlet driving your convertible around sunny California. Maybe Cary Grant is in the car with you... sighhhh Cary Grant.
Anyway on Tuesday I put on a pair of handknit socks, a handknit sweater, and the smooshy stole around my neck for my walk to the train. I was filled with so much happiness to be wrapped in wool that was knit by hand with love. I thought this is why we knit for other people, we want them to have this feeling of happiness when they pull on something hand made. They might not get it as quickly as another knitter but I hope they do. It's one of those things money can't buy.

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