Notes from the Frog


Hello Readers,
This is the blog frog. You’ve seen me about the blog since sometimes I pose nicely for the camera. Mommy has been very lazy this weekend and said I could write the blog post if I wanted. I’m glad you enjoy reading about my mommies knitting, since it’s pretty much all she does with her free time now. (She sometimes skips cleaning the bathroom to knit too) In order to get her to bake cookies I have to follow her around saying, “Cookie, Cookie, Cookie!” until she gives in. She made oatmeal raisin last week. I ate as many as I could before she put them in the tin I can’t open. It’s hard not having thumbs sometimes.

My Mommy was going to knit down her sock yarn stash but then she bought new sock yarn instead. She said it’s not her fault, they were so pretty that she couldn’t help herself. I can’t help myself around a plate of cookies so I guess I understand. Now Mommy says she will knit up the sock yarn that has been in the stash a long time since she always buys more. That means I have to hide my favorite yarn balls so she doesn’t pick them. If she turns them into socks I can’t nap on them anymore. (I’m not napping in the sock draw, ewwwww) Maybe I should put that lemon yellow yarn on top, the one she bought because she was going to knit me a hat. That might not work because she seems to be picking out all the pink yarn from the drawer. Even she was surprised she had so much pink yarn cause it’s really girly. I say Mommy looks pretty in pink and so do I. Do you think she will knit me a hat out of some of the leftovers? I promise not to eat the last cookie if she does.

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