Not much knitting done


Nasty germs have been sending me to bed at 8pm for several nights in a row. I don't feel sick exactly just exhausted by my normal work day. The project for this week was a sport weight cardigan so you get to knit all day to finish an inch. I'm going to blame past Heather for deciding to buy enough sport weight yarn for a sweater. She obviously didn't know what she was getting future Heather into. Pictures of four inches of black cardigan is boring so let's look at pretty new sock yarn.
This is a new dyer at the Loopy Ewe "The Sanguine Gryphon" and the color
way is Tangled up in Blue. Sheri had posted a picture of a green colorway on the blog as a bit of a teaser and my account had loopy credit. I went there with full intentions to buy that green colorway because I have so much blue yarn. But old habits die hard and this blue is gorgeous. The color depth really can't be captured by my camera, its much more sophisticated then it looks in the picture. (I didn't notice the neighbor's cat in the background until I posted it here, so cute.)

The February Woolgirl kit really didn't get blogged about because it came the day before we left for vacation. I didn't remember to take a nice picture of the assembled goodies. There were two choices of sock patterns because one was a complicated cabled the other a simple stitch pattern. The yarn is marked fingering weight, but it's really thick and knits up pretty quick even if you have to remember a bunch of cable crosses. The cables look like hearts within hearts, which you might be able to see on the foot where there was pooling. This is the first toe up sock I've ever knit and the toe seems really bulky. Could be the yarn or maybe I just prefer to knit top down toe. We'll see, there are a couple of toe up patterns I've had my eye on. Boyfriends socks anyone? :)

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  1. Honestly, I think you may have the best clad feet in the county. My feet are very jealous.


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