Under the Influence


Hey look kids, in the tree! Is that a skein of yarn? Will my kids think that sticking yarn in trees is perfectly normal or will the other kiddies clue them in that their mom is "special"? Haa haa I'm sooooo special just ask anyone related to me. Anyway the skein of yarn said to me, "Hey you with the big hair, put me in a tree and take a picture, all the knitters are doing it." I said, "Let's switch it up and use the tree near the neighbors wall with the fancy bricks." Then the yarn said, "Hey I think that neighbor dude is outside. Do it, I dare you." (It turned out my neighbor was outside.... as always. Maybe he lives out there. Maybe the shed in the back is actually a big dog house for him. Maybe I've been sniffing that yarn too much)
Yeah, moving on to what this post is suppose to be about...what socks to knit next. There are so many contenders that I'm all a twitter. First is our pictured yarn from the Woolen Rabbit, Herb Robert a special color made for Yarn4socks kits. The yarn is green with little subtle hints of violet but goes all silver looking in photos. This goes with Anne (is a frecken genius) Hanson's Rising Violets pattern. Click on the link, look at the pics and then wipe the drool from your face.
Even thought the Rising Violets are smack you in the face gorgeous I've been wanting to make a pair of of Ironwork socks for 5 months (my ravelry queue tells me so). The Platinum merino tencel in my stash would be perfect for this. Ironically half of my wardrobe is gray but I have no hand knit gray socks. A gaping wardrobe hole that needs to be filled!
And thanks to a generous gift certificate from the in-laws (You guys rock) I'm now rich with my crack... ahem yarn of choice. The Baroness is commanding I make her into a kick ass pair of
Do I dare to go against her wishes? Maybe if I sniff this yarn again the answer will come to me in a dream.
(I'm so much more special with I'm high on yarn fumes.)

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