Springing forward to fall on my face


This is the note I wish I got last week,
Dear future Heather,
You may have forgotten but this weekend is "spring ahead" which means there will be some internal confusion about your wake up time. You might want to spend the whole weekend sleeping to counter act this. By no means stay up to 11:30-12:00 watching Deep Space 9 episodes at your in
-laws the entire weekend. Do not wake up early to get some extra knitting time in. Do not pass up the afternoon nap. If you do the consequences we be dire!
Past Heather

But instead I stayed up late and now my body is really unhappy about waking up at what it thinks is 3:45am. I hope the involuntary twitching in my left eye goes away. It's going to be a long week.

On a yarny note spring seemed to sneak into my knitting while I wasn't looking. There is a pink and light green thing going on that wasn't really planned. I think the yarn just muscled it's way onto my needles. It had been languishing in the stash and finally got fed up and cast it's self on. (That would be totally cool if it really happened, I hate casting on) Lucky for me the sock patterns chosen last week were really simple ones. It may be possible to finish up the mates even in my half comatose state. Now for the sock porn!
(I was visiting the in laws and got to use their pretty trees as backgrounds again)

First sock is knit in Yarn Pirate merino, the colorway Rosie. This might have been the first yarn I ever bought from the Loopy Ewe. Pattern is Cookie A's Monkey which goes super fast on 1 1/2 Dpns. (Frog says he likes her name.)

Second sock is knit in Dashing Dach's super wash, in color way Strawberry Chocolate. The colors are gorgeous but their fingering is very thin. I'm thinking about trying out the sport weight next time woolgirl gets some in. The pattern is Nutkin also on 1 1/2's which really when well with the yarn. The decreases do make the socks bias a bit but blocking may help. Sooo pretty, I just want to lick them. :)


  1. Pretty pretty socks! I especially like the monkeys.

  2. Great socks as always. I've got a pair of Nutkins on the needles now. I love that pattern. And, while I too, didn't adjust well to the time change, I am loving the fact that it's still light out when I leave work.


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