Second Sock Sadness


Hello blog readers! I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been stopping buy and leaving lovely comments. No offense to my sister but it's nice to have some knitters reading too. :)

This good to have two feet except when you have to knit that second sock. But I'm cracking the whip, no more new first socks until the other two second socks are done. (These rules should never be made, it just makes me stubborn and I cast on 5 new socks) The easter monkey's will be done this weekend, only 3 more pattern repeats and the toe to knit. But I'm gritting my teeth about picking the second blush sock back up. All that cabling with no chart makes me cranky and I'm too lazy to chart it myself. The solution might be to put on some good DVD's and finish the blush pair in a weekend. I'm netflixing Foyle's War and highly recommend if if you like PBS dramas.

Thanks to train knitting a pretty little pair of Nutkins are all done. According to my kitchen scale there is enough yarn left to make another pair of socks! So much for stash busting that skien. There is going to be an April Nutkin knit along over on the 2008 Sock knit along group on Ravelry. Join it, you know you want to. LOL


  1. You're the second person to recently mention Foyle's War. I'll have to move that to the top of my Netflix list.

    Oh, and a Nutkin KAL? Cool. I'm making a pair for my mom right now, but I love the pattern, and could see making a pair for myself.

  2. I might sign up for the KAL too since Nutkin seems to be a great pattern for multi-colored yarn.

  3. THOSE socks are gorgeous! Great work! Yea...the second sock thing really gets to me at times too. I've seen a lot of ladies at the knit shop trying out the two socks at once on two circs thing....tempting.

  4. I've thought about learn 2 socks at once too. But then I tried knitting just one on circular needles and it made me crazy. Maybe I'm just a DPN girl. :)


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