Confusing non-knitters


The yarn harlot's blog post about being absolutely inexplicable as possible got me laughing this morning. She inspired me to throw my skein of yarn over my shoulder while boarding the train, instead of packing it away for 5 mins. The conductor, who is a outgoing and friendly guy anyway, was drawn to me and asked, "Are you crocheting a crazy hat?" "Actually I'm knitting a sock," I replied. He stared at my sock for a instant and said, "Wow that looks really tight, does it stay that way?" I think the idea of knitted socks just blew his mind. :) He came back at the end of the ride and said, "Hey is that your second sock? When you get a pair done do you put them on and go Whoo Hooo!" LOL, see he understands us after all.

Hopefully I'll be slipping a pair of these socks on this weekend and saying Whoo Hoo! It's the first skein of dream in color I've knit up and finally I get why people love the yarn sooo much. The color is "Some summer sky" but it reminds me of hydrangeas, blues with a bit of purple sprinkled in. The pattern is Pippie Ripples which is on the enjoyably challenging point of the scale. My row gauge is a bit off (I don't need to knit no stinking sock gauge) which makes the stockenette portion of the leg a little larger than the designers. Probably should have fudged when chart B started instead, but that's OK. At least the foot is the right length this time. :)


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