Socks and Chocolate


Happy Easter, hope you're eating some quality chocolate like we are. Here's a little picture of my husband's easter basket. I was making up an easter package for my sister and my husband asked if he was going to get one too. "Sure the easter bunny will bring you something tasty," I said. He replied, "Don't you mean the easter frog?" Haa haaa. Now it will be his fault when our future children get visited by the easter frog.

I sent the nutkins to my sister who kindly called me right away to say they fit. Hooray, I totally guessed at the length thinking that 7-1/2 feet would only need a little shorter sock.

On to the promised Blush pictures. Doesn't it feel good when you get a project done that has been a slog to finish up? Ahhh the feeling of accomplishment. The sock pattern has not been added to ravelry, maybe I should do it...hmmm. Don't know if Jen is going to offer the sock club patterns in her shop later on or not. Anyway the original pattern had a bobble cast off. But bobbles and long boots don't mix, so I cast off in purl with a double strand of yarn. Other than that my socks look like the originals. The kit came with Zen Yarn Garden merino/nylon yarn, which seems similar to Dream in Color Squooshy. Pretty nice yarn which I may buy again.

So that's the last pair of socks for the first Woolgirl sock club. Can't wait for the next round of the club to start next month.

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  1. The blush turned out so beautifully, but my eyes keep going back up to the chocolate. I need help.


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