Fun things in the mail


This week was a blur of sinus headaches and wondering if I'm getting the sickness rotating around the office. But there was going to be new Hazel Knits yarn coming in the mail so I pulled it together and worked the whole week. It turned out that my favorite yarn wasn't the only goodies that were going to turn up on the doorstep. A very good college friend surprised me with a package containing this adorable monkey back pack. The card said, "I couldn't help myself. Now your frog and chicken can ride in style." Got to love a friend that sends you ridiculously cute stuff for your toys.

The Hazel knits yarn is wonderful as always. This is one of Wendee's new colors, Shady Verdant. You can get it at her Etsy shop or at Woolgirl, new colors up this Sunday. (A certain Woodgirl gift certificate will be used up then) You know this already but I have to keep my status as a Hazel knits pusher.
Shady Verdant could be cast on as a leafy socks next orrrr use I could use this color exclusive color Bobbin's Nest. (The shop has a blog but you have to call to order. However the ladies will be very nice and tell you your email is cool.)

Tomorrow pictures of finished Blush socks. I'm so relieved.

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