Trixie Sockages


Trixie Sockagesssss, trying to steal the precious.... or something like that. These trixie sock are the second woolgirl sock club pattern, "Irish Dreams". They faked me out by striping very nicely on the leg of the first sock. Then they proceeded to pool for the rest of the knitting, even on the leg of the second sock. Trixie Trixie I tell you!

So I'm outside taking pictures of my socks because the light is so much better. I knew the next door neighbor was out doing some sort of construction, but I thought he was out front leaving me alone. As I'm clicking away I suddenly realize that he's up on the roof and can see me clearly. Embarrassing! I go inside to tell my husband the neighbors probably think I'm some sort of nut job. My husband says, "No, they probably think you're part of some foot fetish website." LOL I'm not sure that's better.


  1. Aren't we all foot fetishists when it comes to good wool on our feet?

    Great socks, even if they did pool crazily.

  2. Thanks, those little knots feels nice on your feet..

    Sock knitting fetishist unite! Now I'm going to think of my husband's comment every time I see this neighbor and laugh.


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