More Socks, now with new backgrounds!


Twinkle, Twinkle little socks, taking pictures of you in front of rocks. The girlieist sock I've ever knit, you make a pretty picture from where I sit. (My husband has to deal with silly songs like this all the time. He often sighs heavily.)

The second Twinkleberry sock was an inch from being done Sunday night so I figured what the heck I'll pack the camera and see if pictures can be taken during lunch. The sun came out at 12:30 and I ran outside to discover that there were many suitable sock backgrounds.

This pattern was found trolling around on Ravelry and I decided to knit it because 1-1/2 needles were suggested. (A size I enjoy using). It turned out to be a really easy pattern with beautiful results. The repeat is only 6 rows, half of them a straight knit and only one cable twist. The leg was knit knit 10 repeats long which makes about a 5-1/2 inch sock. The pattern has directions for both a short row heel and toe. I decided to learn something new and knit the short row heel, but skipped the short row toe. The yarn again is Hazel knits Artisan sock in Twinkleberry. The color is a shade more purple than in my photographs, a very springy color. I've already gushed about Hazel knits sock yarn on the blog, but I can't say enough good things. It's my favorite and now I'm out of it and must have more. Maybe I'll put that woolgirl gift certificate to good use.

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