Pushing my luck


Psssss, don't tell my neck but I've been knitting on socks. My feet are cold and they cry out for wooly coverings. With two partcially completed second socks I just can't say no. Besides working on things that are almost done kind of takes my mind off the fact that I can't shower for another day.

Our bathroom is being worked on and the last shower was Wednesday morning. Let me tell you that a sponge bath in the middle of your ice cold kitchen is not a fun thing. I need to thank my sister for wrapping some of Christmas presents in wash cloths. They came in very handy this week.

Good things about this are the fresh new caulk around the tub instead of the stuff I could never get clean even with straight bleach.
We will get a to take a vacation when the landlord replaces the floor because he's got to remove everything for 5 days. How much knitting can I get done then!
Finally when all this is done we will have a tile floor instead of a vinyl one.

Another good thing is that it's almost time for the loopy ewe swap. I can't wait to post pictures of what I made for my partner.

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  1. Your feet should be very happy. Sorry about the whole shower thing, but I know what you mean about the joy of new caulk!


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