A little stash knitting


I have been knitting, just a little slower than usual. The upside is that I read several enjoyable books (about one a day, too bad I can't knit as fast as I read) and visited other libraries in the area. A lot of tasty baking has also been going on. That might not be good for my waistline but I enjoy doing it, especially on a cold Saturday.

There is one little finished object to share, finished just last week.
Vintage Car Coat by Sublime
Knit in Cashmerino DK, color Cloud.

Used number 6 Addi Turbos on the body. The collar and button band knit on number 3 Addi Turbos .

This took about 2 and 1/2 balls of yarn and I have plenty left over for a matching hat.

Gray buttons were picked out of my grandma's stash sometime this year. The original price tag says 15 cents for the card of 10 buttons. They are plastic but still you couldn't get 10 matching buttons for anywhere near that price today!

The pattern is simple until you get to the end with that button band. The designer wants you to sew the back and fronts together then pick up the stitches on the botto
m of the fronts and start knitting garter stitch. The front bands aren't attached, you just keep on knitting until it looks right. You can not cut the yarn because you need to use it to knit the collar, but first you have to knit the other button band. I was able to fish the other end of my yarn out and do it that way. According it the instructions you're supposed to knit the collar on before the button band is seamed to the rest of the sweater. No way I was doing this. Before I started using the other end of the yarn ball to knit the second band, some yarn was cut off and those bands were seamed before the collar was knit. Still this was complicated and I had to clear off the kitchen table and pay attention to nothing else for a couple of hours. I'm kind of surprised I pulled it off.

There is no baby boy for this little sweater yet. For now it will go in the gift closet until people stop having girls. :)


  1. Adorable sweater. And the buttons are just perfect.

  2. Thank you. I was super happy to find something suitable in the button stash so I didn't have to make the trip to JoAnns.

  3. I made this sweater and I agree with you...the buttonband and collar were a pain in the butt! Would do it differently if I knit it again.


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