Dear Hollywood, You've made worse movies than this...


I give to you a sure money maker. A movie about knitting socks based on my experiences with only a little embellishment. I swear.

Socks on a Train!

In a time of i-pods and cell phones she marched to the beat of a different drum, brandishing double pointed needles and brightly colored yarn in a quest to make second socks. The path she took was not an easy one, fraught with lost needles in the seats and extra large people taking up all the elbow room. But our plucky heroine soldiers though horrified stares of young children, striving to complete the holy second sock.
Feel the excitement as our knitter rushes to complete a round before the last stop!
Feel the suspense as a double points springs from her hands and flips toward the eye of the muggle sitting next to her!
Gasp in horror as her ball of yarn falls to the floor and rolls seven seats backwards!
Laugh at her hijinks's as she tries to download episodes of Cast On onto attractive men's i-pods.

Sandra Bullock as The Knitter
Morgan Freeman as The Conductor
Steve Buscemi as The Annoying guy who sits next to you
Christian Bale as The Sexy Guy with the I-pod

Will our heroine ever complete that second sock before throwing it down in boredom? Will she ever find her dream knitting man? One with beautiful cheek bones? Find out in Socks On A Train!!!!!! Coming to a theater near you!

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