Second Sock, Baby, Second Sock, That's where it's at....


Now that you have love sack in your head and will curse me for the rest of the day...... I give you the second sock. A great way to get the second sock done quickly without getting bored is get a horrible stomach ache as soon as you get on the train. Then the sock becomes a wonderful thing that takes your mind off the pain. Especially if that pain continues all night long. uggggg.

Happily enough there were yarn related packages waiting for me at home. The little lamb is a tape measure that was thrown in free since my Destiny circular needle was back ordered a month. Thanks Sophie's Yarns! The pretty Tiffany teal package I have thanks to Jennifer at I seemed to have forgotten to take a picture of the yarn inside but it's from Pigeon Roof studios and is beautiful. You'll be seeing that knit up soon. Orrrrrr maybe not since I have Yarn Pirate on the needles. And there will be a Yarn Pirate sock club shipment on it's way to me in another week.

Frog thinks that the sock makes a nice hat with some extra to sit on. Chicken isn't so sure.

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