Sock on Vacation


Knowing that I'd be on vacation for an entire week I figured that a lot of knitting would get done. Here is the amount of yarn that I brought with me:
The 6 skeins of light purple to start an Almost Cowl
Two skeins of Black to start a shawl
The purple sock and all the yarn so I could make the second sock
Two skeins of Claudia hand paint to make more socks
One skein of Fleece artist to make more socks

I completed the purple sock on the plane ride down to Turks and Cacaos. (Let's not talk about how many times I had to do the Kitchener stitch for the toe) I cast on (again) for the Somewhat Cowl and started to knit. This sweater was the hardest thing to cast on for some reason. I actually had my fingers go numb on a train ride to work on morning as I tried to cast on for an hour. So anyway I had knitted about 2 inches and I decided that I was knitting too loosely and ripped the whole thing out. (Maybe you shouldn't knit and drink rum drinks at the same time). I cast on again and went into autopilot with my raglan shoulder increases. About this time I came down with a nasty cold that made it impossible to breath. But it was OK, really it was, because I had been knitting for 3 days and I had about 4 inches of that sweater done. Then I decided to count my two shoulders and make sure the stitch count was the same. No No they were not the same, in fact one side had almost 5 more stitches. As I stared in horror at my sweater I found that back in the 5th row of knitting I not only missed an increase I also managed to knit half way down the row and then turned around and knitted back making the extra stitches.
I had to rip the whole thing out.
I didn't knit again until I got on the plane and started the ribbing for the second purple sock.
At least there were more free rum drinks.

My first sock is still waiting for it's brother who hasn't been touched since I got off the plane but at least it got to roam around the resort for a bit with frog.

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