Elves that knit at night


How else can I explain the rapid growth of this Somewhat Cowl? It must be elves. My second sock keeps on getting smaller (stupid mistake 4 rows back) but the cowl, she grows. See, a week or so ago we have this picture above. (Notice all the acrylic grandma afghans well have. LOL) I was crying about the massive amount of stitches I had to purl across that was just getting bigger. Frog wasn't helping either, playing with the yarn ball the whole time. He gets bad when his daddy is around. But anyway I was praying for the time that I could start knitting in the round and it..... was.... taking..... forever! Then BAM! I have a sweater that is the full length with only one weekend where I got to sit around and do nothing but knit. This picture was a couple days ago and the sweater is not much further along. I have to roll another skein of yarn into a ball and I keep knitting the second sock instead. But still I'm feeling pretty pleased. Now if frog will keep his little mitts off my strawberry stitch markers things will be perfect. Maybe I can get him to roll that ball of yarn instead. He tries to distract me by looking cute in the sweater sleeve, I'm on to you frog.

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