Orange is the new red


other orange

Orange is stalking me, it wants to be part of my wardrobe and won't take No for an answer. I tell it very nicely that it will always be welcome in my home full of orange trash cans and decorative citrus kitchen items. But other than the accidental orange-red coat it really can't be in my wardrobe. Orange next to my face...not so flattering.


Orange persists, tells me that it looks good with gray and don't I like gray? Aren't I knitting a gray sweater? How about an orange skirt? Wouldn't that be nice since it's not close to your face? Wear some gray tights and the whole skin tone thing is moot.
The widest part of my body in a bright color? No Orange I don't think so.

Orange gets cranky, trows tantrum, says it is just trying to lift my late winter mood. Why must I be difficult? Don't I know that Orange will not give up so easily. It stalks off in a huff.

I sigh and look around my bedroom, suddenly noticing that some weeks ago I moved all orangish sock yarn to my dresser top. Maybe I should just knit some socks from one of these skeins and hope orange is satisfied. If not I'll teased mercilessly at work when I walk in wearing orange skirt.
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