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Fall knitting has my brain all a twitter and is keeping me awake at night thinking about sweaters. (Nerd alert, nerd alert!!) Sweaters that the little girl inside of me wants to have in my wardrobe. Ones with owl cables or Scottie dogs, maybe even gold fish inserted on the yoke. I’ve been procrastinating on doing this bit of designing for myself, but then my sister said “those ideas are fun and I’d wear one too.” And it really wouldn’t be designing but plugging something into a yoke and just worrying you get the neck decreases right. That seems doable…maybe.
Which leads us to the owl swatches….
1. Red owl
Yarn: Jamieson’s Shetland and Cashmere blend in colorway Red hot.
- Pluses: A lovely heathering in the color (much better in person) and good stitch definition.
- Minuses: The yarn is very inelastic and it’s easy to split the plys making cable knitting not so much fun.
Conclusion – I don’t want knitting cables to be a nightmare so the Shetland/cashmere blend isn’t going to work for this idea. The yarn would be lovely in garder stitch or some knit and purl texture combo.
2. Green owl
Yarn: Jo Sharp silkroad DK tweed in colorway asparagus
- Pluses: Love this color and the yarn is so soft and squishy.
- Minuses: Because of the fluffiness of the yarn the stitch definition is not so crisp.
Conclusion – There was a lot of waffling going on with this one. I could go for less stitch definition in return for the tweedy color b
ut in the end another idea popped into my mind for this yarn.
3. Gray owl
Yarn: Zara Merino in some numbered color that stand for dark gray
- Pluses: Stitch definition excellent and knitting the owl cable was the easiest on this yarn.
- Minuses: Its flat color is not exactly the mood I’m looking for.
Conclusion – Maybe this will work but I’ll hold out a bit longer and look for a couple other yarns to try.
So the owls are on hold while I troll about the web looking at yarn. Green mountain spinnary looks intriguing and I might order a skein or two of something that isn’t in the stash.

And then there is just the straight knock off of a sweet sweater from the sundance catalog. Rowan felted tweed looks like
it will work, just need to pick a color.

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