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The passage of time weighed heavily on me today. I passed the house were three years ago a women pulled a small swaddled baby from a car. Now that baby is a little girl running around the front yard sniffing flowers and babbling to her mother. Today the year is half over and there are several knitting projects completed with satisfaction but nothing else seems to have progressed. Oddly though I was filled with happiness during the walk home, enjoying all the flowers and birds. Knitting seems to be the thing to keep me sane while waiting for the new job for my husband which will start the rest of the changes we have planned.
Project monogamy has left as quickly as it came, newly started projects are littered around the house. Frog models with the new woolgirl sock club froggen socks. He is most pleased with them. I am most pleased with the sport weight Dashing Dachs yarn which is a great thickness.
There are other socks and an old WIP back from the dead but it's time to curl up with Bella Tuscany and dream of apricot houses surrounded with olive groves.

New knitscene preview looks tasty.... must stark stalking
Connie Chang Chinchio.

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