The knitter chose poorly


Frak! Gift sock knitting went wrong after several hours of knitting. Using medium weight STR turned out to be too thick in the foot area when I switched to stockinette to knit the toe. It saddens me to rip this out but it must be done.

On the X and O sock somewhere a stitch was dropped which led to hours of trying to fix it. After that was done I messed up the chart and had to rip out again. Argh, the darn thing looks the same size as it has for days. My sock mojo is gone, gone, gone.
Now I'm hiding from the evil socks working on my somewhat cowl. Better straighten up socks cause I've got other things to knit.

1 comment:

  1. When good socks turn bad they can be the most evil of all things - I think it's because they're small it seems they should always be quick to make! Hope they come to their senses soon for you.


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