Little Miss runs out of yarn


Little Miss runs out of yarn has run out of yarn in not one but two projects... the Somewhat Cowl and X and O sock.

These things wouldn't happen if Little Miss didn't cannibalize sweater yarn for last minute Christmas projects and knitted more toe up socks.
Oh well I'm ordering more yarn and hoping the alpaca silk dye lots are close enough. Sock dye lots don't matter cause sock toes go in your shoes and these babies are for me.
In the mean time finishing up the pair of Froggin socks seems like a good idea before too many tasty fall patterns show up. (Oh fall knitting I love you so!) Tomorrow I'll be running down to the bookstore near work to buy the new Knitscene. If they don't have it out I might start frothing at the mouth. The Riding to Avalon pullover must be mine but in what yarn? Maybe I'll let some of those talented knitters out there figure out what yarn subs to use.

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  1. I know what you mean about Fall knitting - I'm starting to look forward to all the new patterns too!


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