You know you have socks on the brain when…


…when a random person at the train station tells you Jesus is coming in three years and the first thing you think of is, “Would I be able to knit up all my sock yarn stash in that time?” Hmmmm probably not.

The other thing that is making me go hmmm right now is the yardage requirements on my newest sock. Ocean Wind knits pattern said two 185 yard skeins were needed to make their X and O socks. After reading that the legs were supposed to be 8 inches long I had my doubts. Adjustments might have been made then if the sock wasn't already 6 inches and too wide. (Not reading the pattern beforehand rears it's ugly head again but I just can't learn) Now that the heel turn is finished you can see one skein is only going to make you a summery toeless sock to show off your sexy pedicure. Guess we will look at this as an opportunity to earn more reward points at the Loopy Ewe.

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