My name is Heather and I'm a sock yarn addict


For a month or two it seemed like the sock yarn purchasing addiction had been kicked. I knit two sweaters one after another and it was easy to tell myself not to buy new sock yarn because the old stuff wasn't being touched. Even at the new yarn store opening the huge bin of Claudia hand paint was passed over with only a little skein squeezing. The sock yarn stash must have been waiting for me to lull myself into a false sense of security and start some socks. Then BLAM I find myself ordering from the loopyewe and woolgirl in one week, then roaming the pages of Etsy looking for more skeins to score. Oh lord how did I become a sock yarn junkie? Soon I'll sitting with the bums on the street trying to hide my skeins in a paper bag.
In an effort to stave off Etsy purchases it crossed my mind that maybe the number of already purchased skeins should be counted. After everything was pulled from it's drawer or basket the total was 49 counting the two socks currently in progress. Yes I did then think, "Why not order another skien and make it an even 50," good lord!
Since there is this pal of guilt surrounding the sock yarn stash that I'd like to be rid of a tally is going up in the side bar. By the end of the year I'm shooting for that count of skeins to be lower. How much lower is not going to be set since intermittent neck cramping makes sock knitting impossible at times. Though if that number is only 48 then I'll be a little pissed at myself.
So what's on the needles now? One Froggin sock from the woolgirl sock club shipment was finished up on Friday. My in-laws are trained now and don't blink an eye when I disappear into their back yard with camera, socks, and frogs in hand.
The second sock pattern is a pair for my mother who asked for black or gray socks from Christmas. Very sneakily one of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Raven series (Pallas Athena) was purchased because that's almost black. Many of the Jewell's Handmades patterns are in my giant ravelry queue so it seemed like time to knit one. This is Spun Gold Honeycomb socks which works well on a dark color too. These are a little further along but the 2x2 rib is a literal pain in the neck. It makes one wish for a masseuse on retainer. The finished leg, however, looks great so these are going to be a slowly finished project. Cross your fingers that my gauge holds and Mom doesn't get a pair of socks where one is longer than the other. (Like she did last year)

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  1. See, with non-sock yearn, you always have to worry about whether you've bought enough for a whole project. There's much calculating to be done, especially when substituting yarn. Sock yarn? You know exactly how much you need. Much easier to purchase.

    Perhaps we should start a sock yarn/etsy support group?


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