All I want to do is sleep


I have my annual fall head cold, probably the first of many until the weather decides to stay cold. I tried to keep going to work but the cold got to the point where I was getting dizzy and almost falling down stairs. Time to stay home for a day. The plan was to go to bed early, call in sick in the morning, nap to 12 then eat and watch movies/knit. What actually happened was that I laid in bed wide awake for an hour thinking about the Tapestry stitch pattern that was on the Rainy sisters blog. Then I got up for an hour, stared at the picture and started inking it out on some graph paper. Some sleep was gotten until 6 when my husbands work alarm went off. Laid awake for another hour, finally got up and transferred Tapestry into excel and mocked up a repeat. Tried to sleep again but the neighbor was using power tools 2 feet from my window. The other neighbor could be heard loudly talking on her cell phone. When my landlord showed up beating on my door I gave up on sleep for the day. After a few unsuccessful attempts we have a nice printout of my Tapestry grid. Yeah that's good. My original plan didn't swatch well so this will be put away for later use. In happy news a new booty club shipment arrived a little earlier then I was expecting. The colorway is killer bees which makes me laugh for some reason. I feel like this yarn is the crazy relative that amuses you because they are so crazy. Socks out of this yarn would really freak out some non knitters and that would be very entertaining to me. Maybe I need to get out more.

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