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It's been hot, humid, just nasty weather for days now, causing a lot of crankiness. I want real fall weather RIGHT NOW!!!! (Tantrum, tantrum wawaaa wawaaa wawaaa) Tonight it is finally raining and should be 68 by Friday. Thank you, thank you! Now I should wash the plastic smell out of the sweaters stored in the basement.
In knitting news, my original plan for the evil baby ensemble was to have sweater, hat, booties all done for this Wednesday's surprise baby shower. It was going to be tight but I knew I could make it. The rest of the sweater was sewn up on Saturday and was admired by family. My sister petted the yarn and said "Mmm softtttt" then my husband rubbed it against his face. (I had a few seconds of panic thinking his stubble was
going to snag the yarn, but it was fine) A pair of boots were off the needles the next day and seamed up. But then Monday our Momma to be was suddenly put on bed rest until she has her little girl. Baby shower canceled, and all my motivation out the door. I really want something to be finished and out of my hair but I can't get myself to do it. All I need to do is buy buttons and maybe some size 6 DPNS to make the hat. But nooooo I'm worked on the silver cable sweater again. Technically all the pieces are now done but the sleeves are not bound off because I have serious doubts that they are long enough. Tonight the back and the fronts will be blocked and maybe once I've picked up a million stitches for the shawl collar the sleeve decision can be made. While that is drying I should lengthen the foot on my Mom's Christmas sock. She did a fitting and it needs to be about an inch longer. I have a plan on how to do this and not run out of yarn but I'm also procrastinating on that. At least I'm procrastinating by knitting the second sock.

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