Where the Heck is my IK


Shambala Yak yarn in Turquoise, check.

Big ass size 8 double points, check.

Interweave Knits Holiday Issue with pattern for Koolhass hat ummmm no.

Silly me, I thought a subscription meant I would receive my copy before some regular goober off the street could go to Borders and buy it. If the Holiday mag shows up TWO WEEKS after the book stand date, like the last issue did, I will be pissed.

Oh and the evil baby set was finished on Monday. The hat is finally all dried from it's blocking. Look at it, looking all sweet and pink on my kitchen counter. You'd never know how evil it's been. Actually I kind of miss working with the yarn, Sublime Baby cashmere merino silk dk. (Let's put all the fibers in the Name!) I might be tempted by Webs volume discount and buy enough for an adult sweater. I hope the yarn wears well. I did snag it a couple of times but only with the big pointy prongs on my engagement ring. As far as needles and fingernails it held up very nicely. Well evil baby sweater, I'll have to get the address of your owner and mail it off. Kisses and ummm be nice. A little button detail for your pleasure.

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