No Rhinebeck for me


Everyone is up at the New York Sheep and Wool festival this weekend. I'm very jealous but I didn't feel like driving four hours each way alone. The festival was mentioned to my husband and he says he's been to Rhinebeck (but not the festival) a couple of times because they have some historic airplanes there. Hmmm maybe I could talk him into going with me another year.

Instead I'm going to be pleased with simple things like my new loopy project keeper. Best 9 dollars spent ever. Big enough to put a regular sized book and a couple of socks in there. And really important things like you're new finger puppet. My honorary brother mailed me the pink monkey. It's a good friend who buys you toys when you're almost 30. When I look at the monkey I just think, "Pink monkey, pink monkey, ooo ooo, pink monkey." My husband has just watched 28 weeks later and keeps stealing and hiding him saying the monkey has the rage virus. I think he just wants to play with the monkey himself.

The mail just came. No Interweave Knits grrrrrrr!

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