Are you going outside in that?


Hey look I finished two things in October!
When I asked my husband to take pictures of of the completed cable sweater out in the back yard he did say, "Are you going outside in that?" So we know his opinion of my completed project. The finished sweater is a bit frumpy, which is a bit of a downer since I really enjoyed knitting it. The upper arms of the sleeve are much too big so when your arms are down all this extra fabric gets wadded up into your arm pit (pattern's fault, not mine) Looking at Rowan model on the pattern, her sweater appears to be wide in the upper arms but her long flowing hair is cleverly concealing most of this area. Rowan you sneaky dog you. Lastly it might not be a good idea for naturally zaftig girls to wear lightly colored heavily cabled sweaters. I wonder if I should knit the Urban Aran after all. All that being said I've already worn my new sweater for several hours today and it feels warm and cozy. When our apartment is like ice in January, I will reach for it instead of my husband's sweat shirt. (Then I don't have to hear his complaints that I'm getting hair all over his sweat shirt.) I also did a little safety pin experiment and with a little tailoring to the side seam I could get rid of the excess fabric under the arms. Got to think on how I want to do that without causing the whole thing to unravel into a pile of wool. A frumpy sweater is a better than no sweater at all.

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