Can't knit... baking


I've gotten hardly any knitting done this weekend which is sad, but things needed to be taken out of storage for the cooler weather. Those space bags work really well if the only place you have to store anything is a damp basement. However your clothes come out recking of plastic and they must be washed with baking soda before wearing. I also managed to stuff a comforter into a regular sized washing and dryer. You just have to keep taking it out of the dryer and rearranging it so all the bits get dried up. But enough about house keeping I have something much more interesting, A Finished Object! Buttons on the baby sweater were purchased today and sewed on. No people or cars were damaged as I tried to get in and out of the crazy JoAnn's parking lot. All my attempts at a nice detail photo come out blurry so you can't really see how pretty the little flower buttons are. The booties have matching buttons in a smaller size, Hooray! I still have to knit a hat which will have the lighter color pink on the edge and the darker as the main color. Then the shoes being dark pink won't be so weird. Instead of actually knitting the hat up today and heaving a sigh of relief, I'm baking cookies. It appears that wool socks are attracted to warm ovens full of cookies. I also know someone else that is attracted by cookies. Little stinker.

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