Trying to drive out the evil sweater curse


Frog helps frog

Overheard conversation by two young girls that sound strangely like 80's valley girls. First girl, "So like my friends are bringing Jenny to the playoff Phillies game and she doesn't even like baseball! I mean she wears tube tops and high heels. She doesn't even own any pie
ce of clothing with Phillies on it!" Her friend with no trace of irony, "Oh my God, that's HORRRRIBLE!!!"
I believe the women sitting next to me heard me chuckling to myself.

The evil baby sweater is coming along. I would almost say that it's ceased to be evil except it hid the buttons I bought for it and is giving me a lot of trouble knitting the collar. Probably shouldn't turn on my back on the sweater or it may go for my jugular.

Walking home from the train Monday I saw a little girl playing outside in the perfect red/black tartan skirt. She needed a red sweater with Scottie dog buttons to complete the outfit. I've become very enamored with that idea, but in a bigger size to fit me. Maybe I've been reading my kids books a little too much.

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