Me-Made-May Day 12 - Cake Princess


It's mother's day and sometimes you have to make your own celebration.
I love you cake.
You are so delicious
So so delicious
And I'm sad when you're gone.
If you are inclined to baking then click on the recipe links and make your own.  It is a delightful white cake with chocolate frosting and I just ate the last piece. *Sob*  The dress is also very delightful in that is always makes me feel put together and purty.  The pattern is Simplicity 2588 which has the added bonus of having several different options for customization.  Here's my original review for this pattern which was made up last year.  I might futz with the raglan sleeve line if I make it again but other wise it is perfect.

Happy Mother's Day to you all and I hope you get some extra sewing time.

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