Me-Made-May Day 26 - Backyard


I'm hiding from my son who has the hose and is spraying everything in sight.
 Spray the flowers but not my feet!
Haaa haaa I'll get you mommy!  Right after I spray myself some more. Wheeeeeeeeee!
Oh yeah? I'm gonna go play in the tree by myself.
Me Mades from head to toe today, another Renfrew in what could be a feather or leaf print. 
Also some denim clovers I put a fly front in and the pretty Ophicleide cardigan knit in 2009.
Master Des was nice and gave me a bird sticker that coordinates with my outfit.  Good job son, now put down the hose.


  1. Fabulous as always. Your funny posts always make my day.

    1. Excellent /\, it is all part of my evil plan. ;)


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