Me-Made-May Day 16 - Watermelons and Minis


Hey there, just hanging out on my deck taking pictures of myself eating watermelon, like you do.
MMMay Day 16
Why watermelon you might ask?  Cause my new skirt has watermelons on it, it's the cutest I tells yah!
Moss Mini Close 2
Today's Me-made are both the old and the new, my Anna Bell Cherry Cardigan and a brand spanking new Grainline studio's Moss not so mini.  I love it so let's get into the gritty details.

Grainline Studio's Moss Mini, with two skirt length options.  I'm wearing the size 14 in the old lady...I mean sophisticated woman length.

Fabrics used
Watermelon print cotton from Gorgeous I bought this last year thinking it was blouse weight, but it turned out it was similar to a bottom weight denim.  (This was my bad, I saw watermelons and clicked the buy button immediately.)  For once I shopped the stash people and realized this would work great for the Moss Mini.

Also used a little left over polyester jacket lining for the pocket bags to reduce bulk.
Moss Mini Fly
Pattern changes/alterations 
Happily skirts are pretty easy to fit so the alterations were few.
1. Slashed and spread the main back piece 1" for my large tush.

2.  Took in the waist at the side seams about 1" and adjusted the waistband to match.

3. Jen drafted the pockets to kind of pop out for you hands.  My pockets do this on their own thanks to my plushy self so I removed this feature.
Moss Mini Pockets
I love contrasting top-stitching and added it to most of the seams.  Other than that my Moss Mini was pretty faithful to the original.
Moss Mini Hem band
My waistband is still a little too loose, a problem I often have when sewing fly fronts.  I must pin the CF tighter on the muslin, so this never shows up until the real item is finished. The fix would be to take 1/2" out of the CB and add a seam to the waistband in that location.
Moss Mini Back yoke
Husband Comment
"It's got pockets and a button that looks like a cherry." Husband is pro pockets, he's the sensible type.
Moss Mini Button

My Final Thoughts
It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Grainline Studio's patterns and the Moss Mini is no exception. At first I was a bit undecided about purchasing this pattern until I saw Jen's longer version in red.  Then I was like, "Oh Yeah, that belongs in my closet!" Actually I would like half of Jen's closet. Good things she's in Chicago or else she'd find me lurking around her apartment with criminal intentions.  Oh no, I've said too much.

I love all the little features this pattern has, back yoke, jean style pockets (my favorite) and the hem band to make the skirt longer.  We can all lengthen a skirt but this adds an interesting design element as well.  I also want to make a special note that Jen's fly insertion directions are very good.  This sewcialist has done a lot of fly fronts, but I can never remember how to without a brain jog.

So if your looking for a new skirt for your spring/summer wardrobe I highly recommend this one!
Baaaa daaaa da daaaaa, that's all folks!
Moss Mini Action 2


  1. Oh hot damn, that's a GREAT outfit! Wow. I love the sweater, and lust after the skirt. You are going to become Jen's best saleswoman!

    1. Thanks Gillian, watermelon print would be right in your wheel house. I promise to let you virtually borrow it. ;)

  2. Well, that's awfully adorable! I've had this pattern since the day it was released but have never gotten around to making it-- I have no idea why! You're making me want to bump it up my queue!

    1. Full Disclosure, I've had the pattern since December but it took this long to sew it. ;) It's the sewing queue Ginger, it's got too much stuff in it. Maybe you should bump it up on your queue for summertime!

  3. That is gorgeous! Like Ginger it's in my que and I have fabric picked out and everything!

    1. Thanks Vicki, sounds like you have a great project all ready to go.

  4. Oh, how fun! I don't blame you for pouncing on the watermelons. And it's good to see that the skirt works at a longer length, minis have never really worked for me!

    1. Mini's never really did it for me either. I've got sturdy German legs that are only made for locomotion, not art. ;)

  5. I love the outfit. The skirt is uber-cute and your sweater is fantastic.

    1. Thank you, I'd forgotten all about the sweater until looking for a nice red top for this photo shot. Very pleased with how they go together. :)


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