Me-Made-May Day 4 - May The 4th Be With You


Happy Star Wars does wonder how Lord Vader drinks his tea.
MMMay Day 4
Since it's a lazy Saturday I broke out one of my TnT patterns, the Hotpattern's Weekender Sunshine Top.  Several  new sunshine tops get made every spring, but this particular one is pre-baby and pre-coverstitch machine. (So it's about 4/5 years old)  It's a bit too small for my post baby weight and is made out of cheap rayon that pilled....but I love it anyway.
I lengthened the sleeves to 3/4" for this time of the year...... so cute they are. I'm comfy and kind of dressy all at the same time. BONUS!
Like a Renfrew once you get the hang of the steps you can sew a Sunshine top in a few hours. Get yourself the pattern and make some, hmmmmm.


  1. You just happened to have a Darth Vader helmet hanging around the house for Star Wars Day - now that's being prepared! This top reminds me of an ancient Old Navy shirt that I keep since I like the fit. It's got those tiny holes in the front that cheap ON shirts tend to develop after a couple of washes. This pattern looks to be a perfect replacement (and it doesn't look too small on you at all).

    1. Confession, I saw the helmet shopping this week and couldn't pass it up. :) My kid will like it when he's older, right?

      This pattern is a big favorite so I'd recommend it in a heartbeat.

  2. Your posts keep getting better and better—Darth Vader drinking tea was exactly what I wanted to wake up to!

    1. Haa haa haa! Glad I could brighten up your morning.


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