Me-Made-May Day 24 - My Hometown


My hometown is everybody's home least that's what our slogan is.  You'll have to take my word for it....a certain person cut half of it out. Yes it was me.
We happen to be the county seat which means we have a "Back to the Future" like court house.  "MARTY!"
A small theater which holds various plays through out the year.
And trolleys, butt ugly trolleys.....way to go SEPTA (P.S. Thank you internet for most of the street images)
There is also a little plaza where a crazy person can set up a tri-pod and take pictures of herself.  Here I am doing my best Fonzie impression, EHHHHHHH!  Now where's a juke box that I can hit?
Check out my cool new top, see it's cool cause looking off into the distance with my shades on. It happens to be the Papercuts Sloppy Josephine top.  Well technically a highly bastardized version of that pattern. 
You're really gonna love a close up of the print. FEATHERS!  Heather likes feathers cause she likes to rhyme all the time.
I'm not firing on full brain power today so a proper review of this pattern will have to wait. The quick and dirty details are something like this.
 I traced a combo Med/Large and lengthened the sleeves about 5".  The fit was very roomy and the neckline a little too wide for my taste.  Having your shirt falling off your shoulders is all well and good if you're not running after a toddler most of your day. My fabric choice was also not the best for the intended fit. It has no drape and hung like a big sack like bad plus sized clothing.

Good news is that we can always make things smaller. I disassembled the shirt and cut it down to a size small, except for the hem circumference which stayed a large.  Finally I put a renfrew hem band on the bottom, perfect!  Better review later I promise.

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