Me-Made-May Day 8 - Singing in the Rain


Actually fish faces in the rain, I'm told it's what all the kids do these days.
Two me mades today, one that is a WIN and the other that's kind of a FAIL.  Let's break it down shall we.

WIN - Manequim blazer in stretch denim sewn in 2009
This is a free download on the Manequim site, but it only comes in one size. At one time I was that  size and took the plunge, even though all the directions were in Portuguese. Since I was no stranger to jacket construction, the whole thing together without much of problem.  (Some sewing manuals were checked, I'm not that amazing.)  Here's 2009 me in the jacket.
Burda Jacket front
Burda Jacket back
I do think 2009 me did a rather amazing job on the top-stitching, it really makes all those great seam lines pop. If I could marry a blazer it would be this one.

FAIL - Darling Ranges Dress in silk georgette sewn in 2012
I never wear this dress and it is no one's fault but my own.  First of all I didn't really know how to handle georgette and instead of researching on the internet I just charged ahead like a bull in a china shop.  The georgette was cut on some muslin, a technique that seemed to work for crepe de chine, but failed miserablely for this fabric.  Every pattern piece changed it's shape once I picked it up.  For more on that tail of woe you can check out the FO blog post, but let's just say the damn hem still pisses me off.
Darling Ranges Dress
The other dumb thing I did was not change the skirt. I hate gathers at the waist and think they are not very flattering for my figure, but kept them anyway.  Now I just think Ewwwww every time I put on the dress cause who wants to feel frumpy. What I should do is keep the top, which is super cute, and add a bias skirt or switch the gathers out for pleats.  Oh well, not everything is going to be a sewing success and at least this one is "wearable."


  1. That's a great jacket. Your topstitching seems to have been in top shape even back in 2009. I remember thinking you had great topstitching on your black buttondown shirt. Sorry about the georgette. :( You still look pretty.

    1. Thanks L! The good thing about the georgette is that I was able to buy more, so I don't have the "wasted fabric" feeling.

  2. You made an entire jacket following a pattern written in a language you don't speak? I can't even follow simple patterns from Patrones magazine due to their lack of instruction, and Spanish is my mother tongue. You're my hero!

    1. Thanks Stitch! I did put it though google translate which helped a tad, but most of it was silly mistranslations like "Beat the iron and fold the gift fund to tack on the back."


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