Me-Made-May Day 17 - Gone with the Wind


In tonight's production of "Gone with the Wind" Heather B will be playing Scarlett O'Hara and Mr. JubJub will be playing the part of Rhett Butler.  We hope you enjoy the show.
I made this dress (Vogue 1027) in 2009 and it was several sizes to large for me. It fits me now so yeah?

- The fabric is awesome.
- I really like the sleeves and the full skirt.
- It's very comfortable.

- My assets are always trying to make a quick exit out of the wrap front.  I put a thread tack there but gap-itus is still a problem.
- Think the at waist tie empahesises that I'm short waisted.
- To finish the bodice I made a lining out of some stretch knit which is mostly great.  However it's a tad too big so it also sneaks out the wrap front. 

I should probably take the bodice apart again and do some fiddling with it but who wants to do that.  Sorry V1027 you'll just have to be a sometimes dress.


  1. Awesome fabric. I made a wrap dress quite some time ago, and someone told me to stay stitch the front wrap part, then pull it in slightly like you were going to gather it and then stitch that stay tap stuff over it. Worked a treat - no gapitis there!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I have this problem with most wrap dresses so I should have known better and tried some sort of fix.

  2. I've made this dress and LOVED it! If you're in the mood for a slight re-model, you might want to attach clear (or other narrow) elastic on the front edges. That will help hug the fronts to you.

    1. Thank you for the elastic tip, I do have plenty of that laying around that house. :)


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