Happy Me-Made-May


Thought I'd start out the month with an oldie but a goodie, the Anthropologie knock-off from Simplicity 2246.  Here I am rocking it with my crafting compression gloves.

Quick segue - Why don't compression crafting gloves come in black and/or funky colors.  Then you could totally pass them off as an accessory.  "I'm just a cool* chick who likes to sew in fingerless gloves."

(*I make no claims to coolness, this is just an example.)

Regular full outfit pic for those interested.
Jeans - from Torrid.com
Leopard flats - from Target

When I made this blouse last year I had my doubts about the scallops holding up over time.  Good news is that the decorative stitch has done quiet well, despite a lot of wear.

You can see that the edges are a little more frayed then when the shirt was first completed.
IMG_1012 (480x640)
Not too bad really and I even wash this in the machine. (On delicate, I'm not a monster!)

I'd LOVE to have another one of these to wear but haven't gotten up the patience to do all the top-stitching and trimming needed for the scallops. To bad my child is still too young for skilled child labor....cut out mommy's scallops and you get an extra cookie.


  1. I love that colour on you! In fact, I almost sent your #sewbossy fabric this colour because of how good you look in this shirt! It's a serious rival for cobalt, my friend!
    Also, I'd like you to know that because of all the times you mention Target I finally got to go in one today (new to Canada), and damn, that place is dangerous! Made me want things I didn't know I wanted. Curses! (But fun! I got red canvas shoes and two hats big enough to fit my giant head! That never happens!) Thank you - and I'll blame you when all my money is gone. ;)

    1. Thanks Gillian, the green you did send really isn't that far off. Yummy green! Now you should know that Target reads your mind and then stocks things you were thinking of. Be careful my friend, they know all. ;)


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