Me-Made-May Day 2 - Please pass the alcohol


Today I'm reminded of Cation Designs "Stop blogging your perfect sewing life" post.  My sewing life is OK, if we put the endless pants muslins aside, but all the other stuff is a bit crappy at the moment.
My kid has been sick for a week and a half, I have the germs to but am fighting it by sleeping through all my fun sewing time.  When this photo was taken my hot water heater was leaking and I was waiting to hear back from the plumber.
Good news, it's fixed, bad news, it was way more than I would have thought. My kid also refused to take a nap so I had to keep him out of the plumbers hair for Two Hours.  (Longest 2 hours ever)

So today I'm wearing my "True Blood" inspired shirt modified from Simplicity 2246 and dreaming I'm in a bar with sexy sexy vampires....looking at you Eric.  I'm just gonna get this party started early.
Here's to hot showers, bottoms up!


  1. Oh noooooo! Hot water heather, why are you costing Heather so much!?
    I love the philosophy of not pretending life is all perfect on our blogs though... I mean, perfect people intimidate me. Flawed people are fun!

    1. Dammit! Typo. Hot. Water. Heater!

    2. Thanks Gillian, hugs back for you my friend.


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